Remembering Our
Donor Heroes

Addison Bell

In the heart of Katy, Texas, under the Summers’s glow was born a hero named Addison after fireworks did show. Born amidst the celebration on a sixth of July night, Destined to be a beacon, a truly shining light. A giver of life an Organ Donor HE chose to be, his heart, his kidneys gifts to humanity. Three lives touched by his spirit, three lives for ever changed, in the face of loss & sorrow, HOPE was rearranged. Trustworthy was Addison a confidant so true, a friend to all, a listener, his empathy shown through. Adapting to life’s changes with grace, and with ease, building bridges, making friends, he did it all with these. His passions were his beacon his light for all to see, a stylish, cool demeanor, as likable, as can be. Family was anchor, his love for them so deep, in their hearts, his memory, they’ll forever keep. A SON of Debbie known to her as “ACE”, so fond. A truly talented soul of whom she was beyond proud. Conscientious, kind, and loving, Addison Bell’s name, in the hearts of all those HE touched will forever remain.

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