Why #BeTheGift?

90 percent of Americans believe registering as organ and tissue donors is the right thing to do.

But approval doesn’t translate into practice. On average, only 54%* of us are actually registered. In some states, it’s much lower. The biggest reason? People just don’t think about it.

That’s why #BeTheGift. It’s the nationwide campaign to raise awareness and drive everyone to register to be an organ and tissue donor online.

On average, 20 people die every day waiting for a life-saving transplant. Only one thing is contributing to these agonizing waits: not enough registered donors. Imagine the number of lives that can be changed if we close that gap! Anyone can be a donor. There are no age limits. There are no physical or medical requirements. There is no waiting period or test.

YOU can make a difference.

The impact of one organ and tissue donor is extraordinary. One person can:

  • Save up to eight lives through the donation of lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, pancreas, and intestines
  • Impact the lives of 75 or more people through tissue donation. For example:
    • Heart valves can be transplanted into children born with congenital heart defects
    • Skin tissue can be used to heal burn victims and for those who suffer from a disfiguring injury or disease
    • Restore sight to those whose vision has been compromised through corneal donation

Please participate now. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s free.

#BeTheGift Today!